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    Allan “Alfie” Jeffrey Langer was born into a middle class family in the suburbs of Ipswich in 1966.

    Already in his younger years Allan’s spare time was consumed by playing Rugby League in the Winter and Cricket in the summer.

    In Allan’s own words “I enjoyed school, but it wasn’t the greatest – so I spent the majority of my time on the field… it was playing sports where you’d build your friendships.”

    Already as a youngster, Allan used to catch the train from Ipswich to Brisbane to watch the games. As soon as the game finished he’d jump the fence just to get a glimpse of his heroes. Little did he know that not far off it would be him standing in those grounds…

    But in the meantime it was playing backyard footy with his mates and family that was to prepare him for that time.

    He had always been a bit smaller than most of the other boys, but it was the fact that he got smashed around a lot and was actually able to take a hit… and more importantly how and when to take the tackle, which proved to be the yardstick of his career.



    In 1987 while still playing for the Ipswich Jets, to the surprise of many… Allan was selected for the Wayne Bennet-coached Queensland side for that years State of Origin series.

    While surreal, his dreams would finally come true.

    After all the years of catching the train just to catch a glimpse of the boys playing, it was his time to join his heroes in the Maroons training camp.

    At the time, many of the players didn’t agree with the selection, however after a superb performance in all games, topped by a man-of-the-match award in the decider, it was undeniable this young Ipswich boy would have a long successful career in Australian footy.

    It was in the following year (1988) that Allan secured a contract to play for the Brisbane Broncos. It was that year where his playing career really kicked off.

    Signed for $10,000/year in 88 & 89 while it wasn’t life changing money it enabled him to give up his council job, focus on his playing and follow his dream career as a professional footy player for the next 20 odd years.

    Alfie came back to play for the Broncos for one more year in 2002 and retired from professional football at the end of 2002.

    He has always enjoyed his time at the Club and is happy to still be involved with the Broncos since he first got signed back in 88.

    To view a more detailed outlined of Allan’s playing career please visit his wikipedia page at:



    When asked to look back over his career and pick the top 3 moments – this was Allan’s response:

    “There have been so many good times playing for my club, my state and my country… many times I’d have to pinch myself to see if it was all real.

    But the 3 moments that really stood out during this time would have to be representing Australia, playing origin football and winning a total of 4 grand finals.

    However the best week of my life was when Wayne Bennet called me back from England to join the origin squad one last time to win the series. Setting up two tries and scoring one myself.”


    AllAbout The Family

    Allan to this day is married to his high school sweetheart Janine Langer. In fact the pair attended the same primary school and high school, however weren’t aware of each other until they started dating in Year 10 and decided to get married in 1990.

    The immediate Langer family consists of 3 kids – Courtney, Maddison and Harrison, however the family is quickly growing.

    With already 3 grandkids Cruz, Hutch & Frenchee and 2 more on the way, due to be born in January & May 2016 the family is quickly expanding.

    After many years holidaying in Caloundra Allan & Janine decided to make the move and raise their family on the Sunshine Coast.

    Holidays have always been an important part of the Langer family.

    His playing career has enabled him to tour around the world and take the family over to England for 2 years to live and go to school.

    When asked about the time in Europe Allan replied “It was a highlight for the family, but the thing that I absolutely loved was the daylight savings. During summer it didn’t get dark until around 10:30, so we were able to enjoy the Aussie lifestyle of BBQ’s & Beers late into the evening.”


    FastForward To Today

    Allan & Janine didn’t always have the dream of opening a Restaurant, it was more by chance that they were involved in the Grand Pacific Development that opened this opportunity.

    A spare room without any real plans paved the way for the decision to open up a restaurant with 2 other business partners.

    In the beginning Allan & Janine were more or less the silent partners in the background that ran the business – without any real restaurant experience.

    However as the years passed a true passion was ignited in both Janine & Allan.

    Janine decided to complete her Chefs Apprenticeship and become a key part in the kitchen of the restaurant.

    Allan’s passion for the restaurant also grew over time. In fact it’s more or less his little baby now…

    “When we were just silent partners I never had a true emotional connection with the business, but over the years as we grew with the business and became more involved I fell in love with meeting our guests, creating an atmosphere, telling yarns of my footy days and just in general spending time at the restaurant more and more.”

    From his footy days Allan learnt that you can always make things successful if you just have the right people around you.

    Today, according to the owners of Alfie’s Mooo Char & Bar, it’s the close knit team and enjoyment at work which contributes to much of the restaurants success.

    A big focus for Allan is to make sure the team enjoys themselves at work as this builds an atmosphere of fun and a great experience for the guests.

    When asked what the future holds for the restaurant Allan replied “Our goal is to become the No.1 restaurant in Caloundra and while there’s a lot of hard work to be done, we now have the team, atmosphere and location to get there.”